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Nantong Gangzha Shipping Heavy Industry Co.,Ltd. 5, 2007 in Nantong City, menstrual Gangzha District Development and Reform Commission approved the incorporation. Located in the Industrial Zone, Nantong, Chen ship supporting the bridge chip, the company set shipbuilding, ship repair and manufacturing of medium-sized steel structure in one.
The company invested 1.5 billion yuan a, of which 80 million yuan of fixed assets. Currently the plant covers an area of ​​135,000 square meters, the new 5,000-ton berth and a 5,000-ton platform, a basin. The construction of a modern production plant, with a tower crane, gantry crane, traffic, CNC cutting machine, bending machine, cutting machines, air compressors and other large-scale production equipment, the basic existing staff 160 people, including professional and technical personnel more than 20 .
Company beautiful environment, complete supporting facilities, starting from the standards of modern enterprise, with employees activity center, skills training centers for workers with a good production and living conditions, known as the garden factory.
The company mainly produces 3000 tons of dredging, sub-split, non-motorized boat projects, medium and large steel structure, the Yangtze River Waterway Bureau has been the production of 300 square trailing suction dredger as well as the COSCO Group, a major steel production segment. Chain bucket dredger is currently being produced, anchored boats, the company also works well as a number of ships ready to start. Taxable sales in the first half of this year has achieved 11.61 million yuan in 2010, is expected to achieve sales revenue of 300 million yuan, and paid all taxes up to 900 million yuan.

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